21 noviembre 2014

20 noviembre 2014

Little Pim English/ESL 3 DVD Set (Vol. I) (With English Subtitles)

Little Pim is an award-winning foreign-language immersion DVD series for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. These theme-based programs use both animation and real-life kids to introduce words and phrases for everyday activities.

Little Pim's method for language development is total immersion, combined with playful animation and live-action video. The title character, an animated Panda Bear named Little Pim, introduces conversational words and phrases, which are in a stimulating visual context for children and also written on the screen for the parents or caregivers. Little Pim engages young viewers with his own playful antics and images of real children enjoying everyday activities.

17 noviembre 2014

Rachel's English:American English Pronunciation Guide

Hoy os traigo más de 150 videos para mejorar la pronuciacion del ingles americano. Son una serie de videos explicando con detalle como se crea y se realiza cada sonido en detalle. Cada video tiene una duracion aproximada de 5-10 minutos. Más informacion a continuacion. Keep reading.

12 noviembre 2014

Follow Me, All levels (Complete English-Teaching Video Course)

TV course in English as a foreign language created by the BBC and released in different European countries between 1977 and 1981. Distributed in 4 modules of 15 lessons each, it included staged situations played by British character actors, brief sketches, songs, short clips of real daily life in Britain and a mini-series at the end of the last five lessons of each module.